Bio Granulate

Based on natural fiber PLA or wood lignin

Bio Granulate

Today’s standard plastics are primarily made from petroleum, which is damaging to the environment in many ways and fluctuates significantly in price. That’s why we started to work on alternatives early on. Our focus is on processing bio-based plastics from renewable raw materials that are also biodegradable. Therefore, we mainly process natural fiber PLA and wood lignin based composites by injection molding them into molded parts.

Molded parts made from bio-granules have decisive advantages as they create efficient components with excellent mechanical properties. In addition, they are 100% biodegradable, 100% petroleum-free, 100% from renewable raw materials and very CO2 neutral.

Applications of bio-granulates

Optimally suited for form shaped elements

Natural Fiber PLA

Natural fiber reinforced PLA consists of natural fibers (hemp, flax) and a mineral oil free polyactide matrix. Polyactide is based on polylactid acid which is derived from sugar and polymerized into PLA. This creates a 100% biodegradable and compostable molded part which can be produced thermally by injection molding. Therefore, molded parts made from natural fiber reinforced PLA can be used without restriction in the most sensitive environmental fields. Additionally, the mechanical characteristics can be significantly improved using fiber reinforcement.

Wood Lignin-Based Granulates

Wood lignin granulates consist of 100% renewable resources and are biodegradable. Part of this material is lignin, which is the second most abundant polymer in nature after cellulose. Lignin is a by-product of the wood and pulp industry. The lignin is mixed with natural fibers and natural additives, this way a fiber composite material is created, that can be molded under at high temperatures and pressure.

Product Examples made from Bio Plastic Granulate

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