The sample cases

Material samples from compression molding, thermoforming and bio-injection molding

Sample case | Experts for cases and molded parts Jakob Winter

We are happy to send our sample case to you. It shows most of what we can do and has various material samples inside. In the case, we usually include samples on topics such as compression molding, thermoforming and bio-injection molding. The material samples are made of different natural fiber composites, polyester formfleece, thermoplastics and bio-granulates.

The case and the included samples are very good for getting a first impression of our capabilities and to discuss them. The case itself also shows very well which further processing steps we can carry out. It also contains our workbook on cases and molded parts.

Please note:

The sample case will be sent to you free of charge and you can keep it. Our team will contact you before sending it to make sure we include all the relevant samples for you. In order to send it to you, we will need your address details. 

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