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Compression Molding

With Plastics, Fleece or Wood

Compression Molding Process

We manufacture various cases and molded parts with several molding presses. Our press lines support formats up to 2 x 1 meter and a strong pressing force to press plastics and non-wovens. During the molding process, we heat the material in a contact heater and then shape it in a molding press. For this, we require individual tools that can be produced very cost-effective compared to other production methods.

By separating the heating and forming / cooling station, we achieve short cycle times. This way, the interplay between the heating and pressing module allows us to optimize process times. Thus, a batch production for large volumes is achieved.

Wir stellen mit mehreren Formpressen verschiedenste Koffer und Formteile her. Unsere Pressanlagen haben Formate bis zu 2 x 1 Meter und eine starke Presskraft um Kunststoffe und Vliese zu verpressen.

Flexible Design through Segmented Pressing

Through targeted heating and the corresponding tools, it is possible to press the non-wovens completely or only partially. Therefore it is possible to integrate acoustically effective cushions / upholstery into an otherwise rigid component.

Creative Decors through Lamination

Non-wovens can be laminated during the forming process with a foil, fleece or with textile decor material (one-shot process). This results in a greater flexibility of surfaces decorations and colors.

Fine tuning for an exact result

In the molding process, we can calibrate the pressing force, heating time and press length with a vast variety of options. It allows the parts to have flexible 3D shapes and to achieve a desired strength of the component. Haptics and material properties can additionally be influenced.

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