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CNC-Knife Cutting

Of technical textiles and fleece

CNC Knife Cutting

We cut single or multiple layers with a CNC knife cutter. Our machines have very large cutting fields. The cutter is combined with an automatic laying machine thus achieving an endless length, so that cuts can be created in a time-optimized manner. The cutting is done under vacuum, this way we ensure that none of the layers slip away even when  a lot has been cut already. A knife cutter has a very high cutting speed, so that we can achieve effective performance even with individual layers.

Material cutting using a CNC-cutter is rather a pre-processing step rather than post-processing after shaping. This enables us to cut materials for production with very high accuracy. But also simple cuts or post-processing on flat fabrics is possible with this. CNC knife cutting is suitable for almost all technical textiles like woven, nonwoven, knitted fabrics and foams. We use our automatic laying machine for multi-layer cutting or continuous cutting.

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Exciting advantages of the CNC-Knife Cutter

The cutter knives can be equipped with different coatings, blades are optionally equipped with serrated and sawtooth grinding and made of HSS or hard metal. These wide options allow the cutter to be precisely adjusted to the material in order to achieve optimal results. Through the adjustment, we achieve excellent cutting quality even with incisions, difficult contours and harder materials like non-woven panels.

CNC Textile Knife Cutter
Up to 1800 mm (width), endless length
Variable depending on the knife
Max. 45m / min
Variable depending on the knife
Textile & fleece materials

Precise Coordination and Programming

Every project and every material is individual and we also map this process with us. To do this, we combine CAM-controlled programming with test trials in order to find the optimal processing.

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