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Laser Cutting Technology

During laser-cutting, a light beam is bundled in a focus. A highly focused laser heats the material while the laser is formed and bundled. This creates a melt and vapor that is blown out by a CO2 gas stream. Hereby metallic and non-metallic materials of different thicknesses can be cut. For this purpose, we adjust the parameters of the laser, such as wavelength, power, pulse energy and pulse duration according to the application. The laser focuses on a point that is typically less than half a millimeter in diameter. A cutting gap is created which, depending on the laser beam, has a certain cutting edge. This enables a broad variety of cutting tasks, from precise cuts in thin substances to cutting through very thick materials. Compared to alternative methods such as punching with tools, the laser beam carry out its job without contact. This means that laser cutting can be used economically even for unusually small batch sizes.

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Exciting Advantages of Laser Cutting

Apart from water jet cutting, laser cutting offers the most extraordinary precision. Almost all common materials can be cut – we focus on non-metallic materials like composite materials, plastics, nonwovens or wood.

In addition, the process is economical due to the high possible material utilization, smooth cut edges avoiding post-processing and the tool-free, quick use due to CAM-programming. Engraving and cutting are often possible with the same beam source and in the same operation.

FORMAT AREAUp to 1700 x 1100 mm
SPEEDMax. 1000mm / s
MATERIALS WE CUTNon-metallic and metallic material

Precise Coordination and Programming

Every project and every material is individual and we also map this process with us. To do this, we combine CAM-controlled programming with test trials in order to find the optimal processing.

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