Form Shaped Wood

To create shaped wood for case and molding applications, we press, shape, bend, cut and sand wood. All of our wood is PEFC or FSC certified and we can even use wood that meets TSCA Title VI standards for US exports.
  • Since 2019, we have been researching with an international partner to promote the use of sustainable woods for our case construction and have progressively improved our veneer production.
  • Machines & Skills

    We have the machinery and capabilities to mold wood, format to specifications, grind, 2D mill, drill and dovetail. We even have the necessary tooling that allows us to diecut holes in order to attach things like locks or latches.
  • The right Wood

    Our veneers are made inhouse by layering and gluing the wood. Afterwards we press it in a heated mold. The veneers used for molding wood are peeled from local and international wood types. They must have certain characteristics such as an optimal moisture content, surface quality, peeling and dimensional accuracy. The deformation is done by heat and pressure. This permanently changes the shape of the wood.
  • Applications

    The wooden parts we create are usually shells, cases, frames and contoured cuts used as supports for applications such as cases and moldings.