Aluminum Cases

We offer a wide product range such as Industrial cases, transport cases and presentation cases. All of our cases are custom made, but you can also pick from standard sizes. Our aluminum cases are extremely robust and stable and are used for a wide variety of products - from classic laptops to sensitive medical technology. The cases are insensitive to scratches, shock absorbing and have a modern look. We offer various equipment variants and also equip cases.


Customer-centric solutions

An aluminum case is built completely individually. Size, colour, material and interior are all tailored to your needs.

Case Examples

Individual solutions are our specialty. We develop cases - you simply tell us what you want to achieve and we take care of the technical development and production. We already have more than 40 years of production experience in a wide variety of industries and projects, from large projects to small series. We can produce cases and bags using a wide variety of production processes such as compression molding, thermoforming or by hand.