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Our technology revolves around the topics of cases & molded parts. Here, our focus is on compression molding, thermoforming, (bio) injection molding and woodworking. Based on these production methods, we then process the created parts further. This is by cutting them using water, knives, milling, laser or die-cutting. Often many more manual steps follow such as sewing, sawing, embroidery, attaching and finishing to produce a complete case or molded part.


ISO:9001 Certified

We work as a contract manufacturer for a wide variety of customers – from small companies to large corporations. Our company is ISO:9001 certified for this.

EDI Integration possible

With our larger customers, we are integrated via EDI to process larger order volumes or complex products.

Proficient in quality processes

We have experience with processes such as PPAP or ISIR approvals and customer audits.

Bio-Based and Recycling Materials

For over 20 years, we have been conducting research in the area of ​​bio-plastics and have made these our main materials. Here we process bio-composites such as natural fiber reinforced composites as well as bio-granulates. In addition, we manufacture products using conventional thermoforming plastics or wood and form parts from polyester formfleece.

Form Shaped Parts

Contract manufacturing for various industries

  • Formfleece (Compression Molded)

    Nonwoven materials can be transformed into 3D shaped parts using compression molding. A formfleece has similar rigidity and strength as a conventional plastic molded part, but does not lose its fleece structure and felt-like surface. Molded parts made of fleece are therefore very well suited for acoustic applications or as a substitute for upholstered elements. The production of nonwovens makes it possible to use materials from recycled or renewable sources so that products made from them are sustainable.

    Polyester Formfleece

    Compression Molding 
  • Formed parts made of plastics (Thermoforming)

    Formed parts made of plastic using thermoforming are formed from plate materials in a vacuum. The molded parts are often suitable for technical applications with precise requirements in terms of temperature, humidity resistance and impact strength. The process allows a wide variety of design characteristics such as high gloss or matte, a wide variety of colors, textures or foils. The materials are also very suitable for a recycling loop, as mostly mono-material is used that is very easy to recycle.


  • Form parts made of bio-granulates (Injection Molding)

    Organic plastic granulates can be transformed into molded parts using injection molding. These bio-plastics have very similar properties to conventional, oil-based plastics. Visually, they can retain their natural look or be modeled after other plastics with organic colors. The materials are of bio-based origin and thus have properties such as biodegradability, but are also recyclable.


    Bio-Injection Molding 
  • Molded parts made of wood (Wood Processing)

    We can process wood using a wide variety of woodworking techniques. This includes pressing wood, creating wood veneers, milling and sawing, and other steps. Wood is naturally renewable and can be processed into different looks or laminated with other materials. We only use sustainable types of wood and check them regularly.



Custom Cases, Instrument Cases and Gun Cases

Custom Cases and Bags

Custom Private Label / OEM Serial Production

As a manufacturer of custom cases and bags with decades of experience, we combine the finest craftsmanship and material mastery with the most modern production methods. We focus on the highest quality of workmanship and functionality in materials and components. Through our individual customer solutions and innovative power in the material area, we have become a major manufacturer of special cases in Europe. We manufacture project-based solutions according to customer requirements and offer existing case serial models.


Jakob Winter & Winter Guncases

Cases and Bags for Musical Instruments

For String Instruments, Wind Instruments and Guitars

Highest manufacturing quality, great materials and components, decades of experience and innovation characterize us. Under our Jakob Winter brand, we manufacture instrument cases for almost every instrument. At the same time, we are partners for many well-known brands whose instruments are shipped directly in our cases. Our materials are our advantage – from our innovative & extremely light Greenline cases made from natural fibers to classic, elegant wooden cases.

Gun Cases and Bags

Für Militär, Jagd und Sport

As a family-owned company, we have been experts for gun cases and bags since 1981. Under our own Jakob Winter brand, we manufacture these for ambitious marksmen and passionate hunters. Simultaneously, we partner with the world’s largest gun manufacturers and distributors to develop tailor-made, custom gun cases and bags. We offer a holistic service encompassing creative as well as complex technical aspects during product development. This way, we can provide our customers with superior quality products manufactured using state-of-the-art machine technology and enhanced by traditional, hand-crafted workmanship and functionality.

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