Digital Cutting

In the digital cutting process, we make cuts such as V-cuts, grooves, bevel cuts and other cuts and design elements in fleece, textile and leather materials. A digital cut is exactly reproducible and enables the production of individual parts at the cost of serial production. Regardless of whether it is pre-printed materials, flexible fabrics, fine cutting contours and details, extreme accuracy can be achieved with digital cutting.

Advantages of digital cutting

Digital cutting is a very quick and easy process. As soon as a cutting pattern is set up, the machine runs autonomously and requires hardly any actions from the employee. Cuts can also be adjusted very easily and quickly. This allows for great flexibility and variety at low programming costs. Variants do not result in longer set-up times in production.

Technical Details


Digital Cutting Machine


Up to 3000 x 2000 mm

How digital cutting works

Accurate tuning and programming

Every project and every material is individual and we also map this process in our company. To do this, we combine CAM-controlled programming with test trials in order to approach the optimal processing.

  • CAM programming

    We program according to the geometry of the part to be manufactured

  • Prototype testing

    After the initial programming, we create prototypes to identify problem areas that computer modeling does not show

  • Series trimming

    With the knowledge gained from the first two steps, we then create the final program and save it permanently to ensure it is repeated