Transformation steps / further processing steps

After we have manufactured parts, we offer extensive possibilities for transformation / further processing. We can sew, embroider or separate parts by sawing. We also have multiple jigs and machines to attach zippers, buttons, feet, hinges, handles, locks and many other hardware. At the customer's request, we also assemble with parts procured from other suppliers.

  • Sewing

    We employ specialized sewing personnel and have a large number of different sewing machines. Our sewing shop specializes in cases and bags, so we can for example sew in plastics and attach zippers.
  • Embroidery

    We embroider textiles and artificial leather with logos and letterings. For this we have several automatic embroidery machines with large formats. In order to embroider something we will create a computer program.
  • Sawing

    Depending on the geometry, it is possible to saw the molded parts to create an aesthetic edge finish.
  • Attaching

    We can attach pretty much anything to the manufactured part, which can be attached by sewing, gluing or riveting. The parts for attachment can be provided by the customer or we can take care of it and acquire the fitting parts.
  • Finishing

    Parts can be finished in a variety of ways, for example, with zippers, add-on elements and push buttons, or by gluing parts together.
  • Ultrasonic Welding

    We can ultrasonically weld plastic materials together. This makes it possible for example, to apply plastic parts permanently to non-woven products.
  • Embossing

    We use embossing machines to apply logos to fleece, artificial leather or textiles. These use heat to permanently emboss logos.