Custom Bags

We make soft bags for all delicate or unusual items according to your designs. Our product range includes every imaginable softbag in every size, for example special bags, equipment bags and backpacks. They can be used for many purposes, especially in the areas of advertising, cosmetics and the hotel industry, but we have also carried out numerous projects in the travel, medical technology and entertainment sectors. According to your wishes, we manufacture your bag from a wide variety of materials such as Cordura, polyester, nylon, Korean Silk, imitation leather or leather. The bags can be made with inside and outside pockets, lined or unlined. Details such as reinforced handles, zippers, velcro fasteners or carrying structures can be attached to the bags. We can also realize accessories from the smallest nylon bags to large padded protective covers.


Customer-centric solutions

A bag is built completely individually. Size, colour, material and interior are all tailored to your needs.

Case examples

Individual solutions are our specialty. We develop cases - you simply tell us what you want to achieve and we take care of the technical development and production. We already have more than 40 years of production experience in a wide variety of industries and projects, from large projects to small series. We can produce cases and bags using a wide variety of production processes such as compression molding, thermoforming or by hand.