Compression Molded Cases

Our compression molded cases are made from non-woven materials. These are for example made of fast-growing natural fibers or recycled plastic. They are light, very stable, economical and environmentally friendly. In addition, they are not sensitive to temperature and have high impact absorption. The surface of the case is scratch-resistant and durable in normal use. It can either be left in the natural fiber look or covered with decorative materials.
Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing system, we can laminate case shells with imitation leather in a single molding step. The surface is extremely durable and is very difficult to scratch or discolor. To protect and secure the products, the special case has a suitable inner padding. Our natural fiber cases impress with particularly high quality standards.


Customer-centric solutions

An compression molded case is built completely individually. Size, colour, material and interior are all tailored to your needs.

Case examples

Individual solutions are our specialty. We develop cases - you simply tell us what you want to achieve and we take care of the technical development and production. We already have more than 40 years of production experience in a wide variety of industries and projects, from large projects to small series. We can produce cases and bags using a wide variety of production processes such as compression molding, thermoforming or by hand.