Case Interior

Inner Inserts

The right equipment is the key to more safety when storing and transporting your products. Custom-made inserts ensure that your products do not slip in the case and can be presented optimally. All inserts of the custom cases can be tailor-made for your product. Flexible foam is either sawn to fit precisely, or, in the case of larger quantities, cut to size with a state-of-the-art water jet machine or milling machine. The foam inserts are available in different versions depending on your requirements for durability and resistance.

  • Standard foam inserts

  • Individual foam inserts

  • Thermoformed inserts

  • Compression molded inserts

  • Custom-fit foam inserts


Inserts are sewn to customer specifications and, like bags, can be made of a wide variety of textiles or leather.


We will take over the complete assembly for you should you lack the capacity for assembly. You simply tell us what you want us to do for you and we'll take care of it. We work according to your specifications and quality criteria.