Recycled Textiles Formfleece

Our recycling textile formfleece is made from recycled clothing and recycled fire-resistant clothing. These give the fleece its special recycling look. In the fleece there is a range of different textiles and thus a wide variety of colors can be seen on the fleece. The color structure of the fleece is therefore not homogeneous and visible color variances can occur.

Standard Recycled Textile Fleece

Our standard fleece is made from a wide variety of recycled textiles. We can flexibly implement different grammages and thicknesses within our standard.

  • Made from recycled textiles

    Fleece gives new life to textiles that would otherwise be burned. Due to their heterogeneity, there are only limited recycling applications for textiles

  • Fully recyclable

    The material is very easy to recycle. This way a new product can be made at the end of the life cycle

  • Fire resistant

    Our recycled textile fleece has a high proportion of fireproof clothing. This in turn makes the fleece very fire-resistant and therefore ideal for achieving certain fire classes

  • Made in German with EU supply chain

    We manufacture all products in Germany and our suppliers are also in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. This means that no material has to be transported by sea in a way that is harmful to the environment

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Applications for Recycling Fleece

Textile recycling nonwovens behave in a similar way to the more well-known polyester nonwovens. They are light but comparably stiff and strong. Due to the fact that the fleece is only recycled for the production and nothing is newly manufactured, the fleeces are very competitive in price. The production therefore requires less energy and textiles for which there is often no use are sensibly reused.


Cases and Containers

Cases and containers made from recycling fleece are on the one hand very light but at the same time robust and shock-resistant. Recycling fleece can be used from simple containers to special cases or classic travel suitcases.

Furniture Industry

In the furniture industry, the recycling fleece is suitable for all types of molded parts and are thus often substitutes for wooden objects. Examples of applications are chair shells, stool seats, wall elements, ceiling elements or storage containers