Polyester Vlies: Stabil, Schalldämpfend und Recycelbar

Polyester Fleece: Strong, Sound Absorbing and Recyclable

The world is rapidly shifting towards sustainable materials and solutions, and the furniture and case industry is no exception. One such material gaining traction is polyester fleece, a versatile and strong material with numerous benefits for various applications. In this blog post we’ll explore those benefits.


Recycling and Sustainability: Being a part of a circular economy

Polyester fleece can be made from recycled materials, primarily plastic bottles. By repurposing these waste materials, we're not only reducing landfill waste but also preserving natural resources. Polyester is derived from petroleum, but the material can be recycled multiple times without losing its quality. By repurposing used plastic bottles and other waste materials, manufacturers can create high-quality polyester fleece that saves energy and conserves resources, compared to producing it from non-recycled polyester.

Additionally, at the end of their life cycle, products made from polyester fleece can be fully recycled, creating a closed-loop system that minimizes its environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability has made polyester fleece an increasingly attractive option for eco-conscious consumers and businesses.

Another option is to use specifically altered types of polyester fleece that can even make it biodegradable. This is specifically advantageous when there is a risk that it might end of in the environment or the ocean. In case you are interested to read more about the topics of biodegradability and recyclability head over to our blog post here.

Strength and Durability

Polyester fleece is an incredibly strong material, which makes it perfect for compression molded parts used in the case and furniture industry. It offers a high resistance to wear and tear and the molded parts are impact resistant. It can be formed in artistic 3D shapes and keeps its stability – or it can be simply pressed to plates and be a substitute to materials in the construction industry.


Positive Effects on Room Acoustics: Enhanced Comfort and Productivity

Polyester fleece has remarkable acoustic properties that can improve the comfort and functionality of any office space or home. Polyester fleece parts act sound absorbing and have a positive effect on room acoustics. When used in acoustic tiles or incorporated into office furniture, decorative acoustic panels or ceiling tiles, polyester fleece can significantly reduce noise levels, minimize echoes, and create a more comfortable work space. Especially in open office concepts, this leads to increased productivity, as employees can better concentrate and communicate without the distraction of excessive noise.

Fire Resistance: A Safe and Reliable Material

Safety is crucial when it comes to office furniture and interior design. Polyester fleece is the ideal material as it achieves certain fire classes which can be required by building standards or in tenders. Compression molded parts made from polyester fleece are difficult to ignite, and when they burn, the fire self-extinguishes once the flame source is removed.


Short and safe supply chains

We source our polyester fleece in the EU. By doing this we not only avoid long transports that are harmful to the environment but also ensure a safer and more steady supply of materials as we are not reliable on cross continent logistics and trade.

 Applications of Formfleece

Polyester formfleece has a great design advantage in addition to its mechanical properties. The material can be dyed in every imaginable color, provides an attractive feel and looks simply appealing. In addition, the raw material can be mixed with darker fibers to achieve a mottled appearance. It is even possible to press several thin layers on each other to achieve parts with different colors on each side. The parts can even be laminated with colored decorative felt or other enhancing materials.


Polyester fleece is a versatile fabric which offers a multitude of benefits. Because of its strong properties, reaching from recyclability and fire resistance to strength and designability it should definitely be considered when choosing the materials for your next project.

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