Polyester Formfleece

The polyester form fleece or form felt we use consists of 100% polyester and has a specific proportion of PES bico fibers for thermoplastic processing. These fusible fibers enable permanent deformation and excellent component strength. A special property of the molded felt is the sound-absorbing effect, so molded parts made of polyester fleece have a positive effect on room acoustics. At the same time, the molded parts are impact-resistant, have a pleasant feel and a special look.

Standard Polyester Fleece

Our standard fleece is made from recycled plastic and is completely recyclable. We can flexibly implement different grammages and thicknesses within our standard.

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Polyester fleece can also be made from biodegradable polyester fibers. This is a special version of the fiber that is optimized for bacteria to decompose the polyester. It is particularly suitable for salt water or the avoidance of microplastics

  • Made from recycled plastic

    Our polyester fleece is made from recycled plastic and therefore uses significantly less energy and resources than conventional polyester fleece

  • Fully recyclable

    The material is a monomaterial and can be easily recycled. This is how a new product can be made at the end of the life cycle

  • Fire resistant

    Polyester fleece is ideal for achieving certain fire classes that are required, for example, by building standards or in tenders

  • Made in German with EU supply chain

    We manufacture all products in Germany and our suppliers are also in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. This means that no material has to be transported by sea in a way that is harmful to the environment

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Applications of Formfleece

Polyester formfleece has a great design advantage in addition to its mechanical properties. The material can be dyed in every imaginable color, provides an attractive feel and looks simply appealing. In addition, the raw material can be mixed with darker fibers to achieve a mottled appearance. It is even possible to press several thin layers on each other to achieve parts with different colors on each side. The parts can also be laminated with colored decorative felt or other enhancing materials.


Furniture Industry

In the furniture industry, the polyester formfleece parts are suitable for acoustic elements, upholstery, cable trays, trays, screens, partitions, screens, lampshades, seat covers or ceiling elements

Cases and Containers

Cases and containers can also be made from formfleece. In particular, open containers such as storage boxes are ideal. Nevertheless, we also made complete hard shell cases in the past.

Product Examples of Formfleece

We usually manufacture products made out of formfleece in the furniture segment on a contract manufacturing basis. The components are very well suited for this purpose due to their low weight, insulating & acoustic effectiveness, recyclability and OEKO-Tex certification.

Frequent Questions


Which formats can be produced

We have the ability to press very large formats on our machines. This is possible up to 2 × 1 meter

Is formfleece electrostatically charged?

Very little – the electrostatic charge of form fleece is extremely low

Are there any health risks from the materials?

No! Our natural fiber materials consist largely of biodegradable substances and are 100% harmless. Our polyester fleece is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and meets all its standards without exception. The materials are also odorless

What are the possibilities for assembly and post-processing steps?

Depending on the geometry, it is possible to punch the molded parts or to cut them by means of a water jet. Machining with saws or milling is also possible. Visible edges can be fitted with different colored ribbons as desired. It is also possible to apply or sew sections. The parts can be made in many different ways, for example with rice closures, attachments and push buttons or gluing parts together

Can the thickness of the material be chosen?

Yes, we have the possibility to press in different sizes and can control the deformability and haptics

Are the materials sound absorbing?

Yes, polyester felts in particular are often used in the furniture industry for sound-absorbing elements.