Project development | CAD / CAM | Mold and tool making

Project Development

We support our customers very early in the project phase, typically as soon as a concept and drawings or 3D models exist. Our team of technical project developers then advises on points such as technical feasibility, potential for improvement or possible problems. In addition, we can already estimate at an early stage what the potential product could cost and which tools are required for this.


We use specialized CAD and CAM software to analyze products and display the implementation on machines. Our focus in CAD is on analyzing feasibility and discussing changes to the design with customers. Our CAM software then uses simulations to ensure that we can also process the product as planned

Mold and tool making

We have an in-house tool shop in which we manufacture devices, auxiliary tools and also entire molds for pressing or thermoforming. Depending on the requirements of the end product, we outsource molds to partners e.g. to make from from aluminum. For prototype tools, we traditionally manufacture wooden molds for testing. Regardless of whether molds and tools are manufactured by us or by partners, we manage the process and ensure that they then fit into our production process and that the desired shape is achieved exactly according to the model.

3D Scanning

We use modern 3D scanners to produce precisely fitting inserts for cases and other products. The object that is later to be placed in an insert is analyzed and scanned. This means that even objects with complex shapes and angles can be easily displayed. This method guarantees the greatest possible fit of the insert and optimal protection.