Form Shaped Parts

We are one of the leading specialists for form shaped parts using nonwoven or plastics. The molded parts are produced thermoplastically. We have carried out various projects for well-known manufacturers of the furniture industry. Our products are additionally used in the motor vehicle production, the manufacturing of toys and the construction industry.

Molded fleece parts

As experts for fleece based products, we have at present carried out an extensive number of projects. Because of their technical and economical properties, natural fiber reinforced materials have a great substitution potential and competitive advantages over conventional plastics. Materials like natural fiber fleece out of renewable raw materials are very energy-efficient and largely CO2-neutral. Because of their low density, most natural fiber reinforced composites are suitable for lightweight construction, eg. In the motor vehicle sector or for environmentally friendly urns. Polyester fleeces have an extremely good acoustic absorption effect and are therefore ideal for applications in the furniture industry.

Cases made from plastics

We produce a wide variety of molded parts made of plastic. These are manufactured using injection molding (e.g. urns made from organic materials) and thermoforming (e.g. bowls or covers). All products are customized and manufactured by us to specs. We take care of all the steps from mold design to the finished serial part.

Materials can be of biological origin and thus have properties such as degradability, or they can be of recycling origin and can also be recycled again.

  • Our Expertise

    For 20 years we have been developing products for the furniture industry and other fields in the molding and injection molding industries. Our expertise lies in the processing of classic molded polyester fleece as well as our innovative, environmentally friendly processing of natural fiber reinforced plastics. We manufacture in small as well as large series. If you have questions about our competences, our production facility or a possible cooperation, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Selected projects